All attendees who are residents of the state of California must have this Hartnell One Admission FORM filled out in order to Check-in.  In order to keep the lines running smoothly at registration, we ask that all officers print and fill out this form prior to checking-in at the conference. There will be forms on site for officers to fill out, however, you will have to step out of line in order to do so, and return upon completion.

Meals: $95 (4 breakfasts/3 lunches)

Awards Dinner: $25


The CATO Awards dinner will be held on the evening of Tuesday, December 5th this year, and it will be a bargain for all who sign up.  Cost is only $25 per person and includes a steak dinner with all the trimmings. You won’t be able to go anywhere in San Diego and find a dinner of this quality for such a price.  This event is being provided thanks to the generous support of Mr. Dan Costa of First Tactical.   Sign up today for the CATO Awards Dinner.


Sunday, December 3rd
Monday, December 4th
Tuesday, December 5th
Wednesday, December 6th
Thursday, December 7th