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Brent Stratton
My name is Brent Stratton. I have been a police officer since 2004 and a member of CATO since 2007, when I joined my department’s SWAT team. I’ve progressed through assignments within my department as well as our team and am currently a lieutenant. I am currently one of two commanders that oversee our SWAT/CNT/EOD teams in addition to portions of K9 and UAV teams as it relates with tactical deployments. I’ve gained experience working as a field training officer, gang investigator, robbery/homicide detective and as a sergeant worked in our violent criminal apprehension team, major crimes detail and internal affairs. As a lieutenant I’ve been a watch commander, have worked internal affairs, professional standards and currently manage support services.
I was a 2018 graduate of CATO’s Strategic Leadership Program where I began to get more involved in the innerworkings of this organization. I joined the board of directors in 2018 while in SLP. For the past several months, I’ve been serving as the vice president pro-temp after the retirement of vice president and recent retiree Randy Winn. I’ve started learning about all the functions of CATO including the financial and budgetary process, which is what allows this 501c3 to stay afloat to continue its mission.
I’m passionate about this organization and its potential to serve officers in our state. I’m confident in the people and the strategic plan we have in place to move this organization forward. This organization was founded with this purpose in mind and I am confident we can continue to do that while meeting the challenges faced by this generation of officer. I’m not an expert tactician and am not the model SWAT officer. I do understand how to make an organization work; I am passionate about this organization and all it has done to improve my performance. I am willing to put forth the extra time and effort to serve and eager to face this challenge if elected.
Bob Benton

I have held the position of Treasurer of CATO and board member for over twelve years. I fully embrace Ken Hubb’s original vision of CATO as a true non-profit SWAT organization with low overhead focused on every possible dollar going back to providing the best quality training at a low cost. During my tenure, CATO has grown tremendously and I have guided the financial growth from a small local organization to where it is today, the largest non-profit SWAT association in the nation. I have guided CATO from a time where we could barely support basic functions of a non-profit to where we are today where we can fund a number of great projects such as SLP, the Certification Project, the After-Action Review to name a few. I have been engaged in all aspects of CATO to include coordinating conferences, membership and training. In addition, I am well versed in the nuances of managing a non-profit to include federal and state tax codes, tax exempt status and returns. I am passionate about CATO and the great work we provide and believe my experience and knowledge will help guide CATO to the next level.