Marcus Sprague (Incumbent)

Fellow CATO members,

It’s been an honor to serve on CATO’s Board of Directors and, most recently, as Vice President, over the last few years. Eight years ago, I joined CATO to learn what I knew neither my agency nor POST could teach me to help lead my team out of harm’s way. The plank holders of the tactical community, legends in law enforcement, and folks just like you and me created CATO to help one another solve some of the most complex and dangerous problems facing our communities. I knew the procedures, but I needed to learn the why. That’s where my journey began with CATO. Little did I know that my relationship with the members of CATO would change my life in so many ways. I found my tribe. Every time I am with the CATO community, they recharge my batteries and remind me that what we do is important. I am consistently amazed at the intelligence and creativity of the next generation of tactical problem solvers and the meaningful friendships that are forged whenever we get together.

I am thankful to have been a member of CATO’s first class of the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP), a truly life-changing experience. SLP is a unique program that exposed me to a variety of leaders who shared their lessons learned. I learned the value of consistently learning and investing in yourself, the importance of surrounding yourself with people better than you, “As Iron Sharpens Iron,” and allowing others to challenge you.  Any success that President Brent Stratton or I may have experienced within CATO is a direct result of the support of SLP and many others within the organization.

I am so appreciative for everything CATO has taught me that I wanted to give back, and I have committed myself and many hours every week to improving CATO and what we have to offer our members. At the encouragement of SLP class one, I started the CATO podcast as another way to communicate to our members, improve our ability to analyze and solve problems in our communities, and connect subject matter experts with law enforcement professionals. It’s been eye-opening, challenging, and exciting to talk with these men and women and have such meaningful conversations that we hope many will find valuable. I’m proud to say that, to date, we have had 15,700 downloads of our podcast and have reached law enforcement professionals around the world.

I have participated in two CATO training conferences. At the Reno conference in 2018, I spoke on best practices and where they originate. For the 2019 conference in San Diego, I served as Conference Coordinator.  Working with the Training Director, our team raised the bar by bringing in leading experts in our field and valuable training experiences for all attendees. We are currently planning the 2022 CATO Conference in Reno and hope it will be the best one yet. I have also been a CATO instructor, teaching the Team Leader course and Commander classes. In addition, I am currently overseeing a complete overhaul of our website and hope to unveil the new site in late December. I am also managing our new newsletter, which, if you haven’t seen it, check your SPAM filters!

For the last 23 years, I have been proud to serve with the Santa Rosa Police Department in Northern California, where I am currently a Lieutenant and SWAT Commander. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree from the University of San Diego in Leadership and Public Safety.

It will be a privilege and an honor to continue serving with CATO’s Board of Directors and I hope that our members choose me to continue as the Vice President. I will continue to support the Board of Directors as we seek to build a better CATO community, enhance our class offerings and bring you the most up-to-date training to help prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. I’m passionate about this organization and all it has taught me. I volunteer my time as I have for the past several years in the hopes that it will keep you safe and make your career as meaningful as it has mine.

“Tactics are a Science, and the Art is in how we apply those tactics.”


Marcus Sprague

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