Welcome to the Experience Domain!  Experience is the knowledge gained from direct participation.  While the knowledge gained from training, education or observation is valuable, no one will be considered competent without doing “it” at least once, and usually many more times and under different conditions.

There are four criteria in the Experience Domain, one of which is mandatory.  You must achieve at least 100 points in this domain, including participating in at least one SWAT deployment.[1]  You may attain additional points by completing elective criteria, some of which may be repeated for additional points.  Review the worksheets in the Experience Domain for a detailed explanation for how points are awarded, as well as information on grading, validation, repeatability and other information that will be used to assess the amount of points awarded.  The worksheets may be examined online or downloaded for your convenience.

When uploading documents for accreditation, you MUST provide the document in either PDF or MS Word format and use the following naming format:  (your tracking number), followed by (the criterion ID).  If you are uploading additional documents for the same criterion, use a hyphen and letter.  See example below:

A candidate has completed an after action review and is uploading it for accreditation.  The candidate first scans the hardcopy to a PDF format and labels it with their tracking number, followed by the domain criterion ID.  Example:  CA3697, E-1

When additional documents are added, a letter is appended to the domain criterion ID, proceeding alphabetically for each additional document. Example:

[CA3697, E-1],    [CA3697, E-1A],    [CA3697, E-1B1st Document   2nd Document  3rd Document and so forth

The document is then uploaded from this site where it will be stored in a repository until sufficient points have been accrued to merit an examination by the Board of Certification.

[1] Note:  Merely being activated for a SWAT operation will not suffice.  To receive credit for this requirement, a candidate must actually be deployed.

E-1Mandatory E-2Elective E-3Elective E-4Elective
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