This criterion is optional. It is not necessary for a candidate to complete this particular criterion for certification.

It has long been recognized that one of the best ways of learning something is to teach it. Teaching requires an individual to be well-versed in the subject, as well as organizing the instructional material and presenting it in a meaningful

manner. This criterion recognizes the contribution of gaining knowledge, skills and/or abilities by teaching a specific subject, whether as the primary instructor, a secondary instructor, or an assistant or safety officer.


A — Assign a unit of value of “2” for each hour teaching a course as the primary instructor or “1” for each hour teaching a course as a secondary or assisting instructor or as a safety officer.

B — Determine the minimum number of successful repetitions this section may be repeated for credit.

C — Determine the maximum number of units of value allowed for this criterion.

K-1Mandatory K-2Elective K-3Elective K-4Elective
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