This criterion is optional. It is not necessary for a candidate to complete this particular criterion for certification.

With nearly no exceptions, all expertise begins with and is based upon the experiences, research, writings, opinions and insight of others. These in turn provide new insights and understanding which, in themselves, benefit from investigation. In many cases, some factor became recognized only when it became relevant and so an informed decision was impossible without further research. This criterion recognizes the benefits of conducting original research to determine or verify particular aspects relating to a subject. Likewise, statistical analyses provide a scientific basis for understanding trends, potentials, tendencies, correlations and anomalies related to a specific subject. The candidate may be the sole researcher, principal researcher or contributing researcher to meet this requirement.


A — Number of points of value awarded

B — Maximum number of times this criterion can be repeated for credit

C — Minimum number of points for acceptance

P-1Mandatory P-2Elective P-3Elective P-4Elective P-5Elective
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