2019 Henry Pratt Active Shooter Aurora, IL
On 15FEB19 at approximately 1330hrs, an employee brought a handgun to his termination meeting. After fatally shooting five co-workers and critically wounding another, he set up ambush points and waited for responding officers. The initial responding officers were fired upon by the offender, five of which were struck by gunfire. Additional responding officers made entry into the building, extracted an officer that was shot inside the building, and began to clear the 290,000 square-foot structure. Approximately 90 minutes after the beginning of the incident, the offender was located in his final ambush position and the threat was terminated during a gunfight with officers.

Speaker: Rick Robertson
Rick Robertson is a lieutenant with the Aurora (IL) Police Department. He began his career with APD in 1993. Rick has worked in Uniformed Patrol, Training, Intel and the Special Operations Group (Gang and Drug Unit). He has been a member of the Department’s Special Response Team since 1995, where he has served as an operator, sniper, team leader and is currently the team commander.

2018 Colorado Springs PD Hostage Rescue
In March of 2018, the Colorado Springs Police Department Tactical Enforcement Unit assisted a federal task force who had located a felony suspect at a hotel room. Upon contact the armed suspect barricaded and took a hostage and threatened her life. Negotiations were used along with several tactical options, to include a vehicle delivery. Eventually a deliberate entry was determined to be the best option for the resolution.

Speaker: Robert Wolf
Sgt. Robert Wolf started his career with the Colorado Springs Police Department in 1992. He worked in the Patrol Division for 5 years and then transferred to the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Unit and worked on a street level narcotics investigations In 2000 Sgt. Wolf joined the full time Tactical Enforcement Unit as an operator and remained there until 2014 when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the Patrol Division. In October of 2015 he returned as the supervisor of the unit and has been assigned there since that time. During his tenure with CSPD Sgt. Wolf has instructed firearms, Less Lethal, driving, Patrol response to Active Shooter, room clearing, HRT, basic SWAT School and various other topics. Sgt. Wolf has been teaching with NTOA since 2007 and has instructed Patrol Response to Active Shooter, Basic and Advanced SWAT and Hostage Rescue.

2018 Orange County Sheriff’s Hostage Rescue
This debrief will cover a hostage rescue call which occurred in the unincorporated area of Anaheim, California. This call utilized numerous resources from with the Orange County Sheriff Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB). Interoperability with the Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Team, Hazardous Devices Section (HDS), Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), and K9’s was the reason this call ended with a successful resolution. An armed female, who had brandished her weapon towards patrol did not want to be evicted from her apartment and used her 10 year old son as a pond. She had an extensive criminal history and a history of mental health issues. An explosive breach followed by a deliberate assault lead to a safe resolution and recovery of the 10 year old child.

Speaker: Shaun Riley
Deputy Shaun Riley joined the United States Marine Corps in July of 1996 serving for 8.5 years. While in the USMC he served with various Infantry and security units. Some of these units included the Marine Security Company Camp David, 3rd Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment, Embassy Duty and finished his military carrier with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines as a squad leader in Ramadi Iraq. Some of the formal schools attended while in the Marine Corps include CQB, Helicopter Rope Suspension, Jungle Warfare and Machine Gun Leaders course. Following his discharge from the Marine Corps he joined the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in June of 2005. Since becoming an OCSD Deputy Shaun has worked various assignments including custody and patrol. In 2008 Shaun was selected on to the OCSD SWAT team on a collateral basis and served that way until October of 2014 when he moved to SWAT fulltime. Shaun has been the (Blue Team) leader since June of 2014. Some of the formal trainings he has attended include, Basic SWAT, High Risk Search Warrants, FBI Firearms instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Chemical Agent Instructor, Light Sound Diversionary Device Instructor, Rapid Deployment Instructor and is a primary instructor for the OCSD SWAT school.

2017 Sacramento Deputy Bob French 999
The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Detail will be providing a debrief of the fatal shooting of Deputy Robert French and the ensuing tactical responses to the vehicle pursuit and the Ramada Inn. The presentation will include video footage as well as lessons learned and tactical considerations to be passed along to attending law enforcement personnel.

Speaker: Ian Carver
Sgt. Ian Carver has been in law enforcement for over 22 years having started his career in the Field Operations bureau of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office where he worked as an FTO, in street level narcotics investigations, and as a member of the SWAT Team. Sgt. Carver transferred to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office in 2002 and worked briefly at the Main Jail, before moving to Northwest Division and then Regional Transit Police Services. Shortly thereafter, Sgt. Carver was selected to the SSD K9 Detail and spent 6 years as a K9 handler prior to being selected as a member of the Special Enforcement Detail, the department’s full-time SWAT team in 2010. After being promoted in 2014, Sgt. Carver returned to corrections, then to North Patrol Division, and then back to SED as one of the Team Leaders. Together with his partner, Sgt. Carver oversees SED’s daily operations and over 150 tactical operations per year utilizing knowledge and tactics from gained from numerous incidents, outside agencies, and time spent in the Middle East training with Israeli counter-terrorism units. Sgt. Carver has been the recipient of two Silver Stars, three Major Incident awards, two Lifesaving medals, and two Unit Citations during his time in K9 and SED for various operations and incidents. Sgt. Carver is the proctor and an instructor for the 80-hour SSO SWAT School and other training events for SSD and outside agencies. Sgt. Carver is a regular contributor to the CATO Magazine as a health and fitness consultant and has recently joined the CATO instructional cadre for the Team Leader courses. Outside of work, Sgt. Carver has owned CrossFit Centurion for the past 11 years, and spends his free time training BJJ, and travelling with his wife and two boys.

2017 Seal Beach Hostage/Barricade with LE
How did the Seal Beach Police Department and West County SWAT Team respond to an unknown trouble incident on July 16, 2017, in Seal Beach, California? Like any other call for service… That is until they learned the suspect in this case was the City of Los Alamitos, California, Police Department’s Operations Captain. Expectedly, this case still shocks the conscience of most law enforcement officers and government professionals, as the victim, Amanda Jensen, the City of Westminster City Clerk, was senselessly murdered by him before turning the gun on himself. This brief is complete with the rawest tactical leadership lessons learned, both good and bad, from the West County SWAT Commanders.

Speaker: Phil Gonshak
Commander Phil Gonshak started his career with the Tempe, Arizona Police Department and later lateraled to the Seal Beach Police Department. Throughout his 20 year law enforcement career, he has worked a number of assignments including Patrol, Special Investigations Bureau, SWAT, Narcotics, Professional Standards, and Intelligence. In December 2015, he was promoted to the rank of Bureau Commander where he now oversees all Police Department Operations. Commander Gonshak possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as a Masters Degree in Public Administration, both from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Furthermore, he is a graduate of FBI National Academy Class #260. In his spare time, Commander Gonshak enjoys being an Adjunct Professor teaching Public Administration at CSULB and spending time with his wife, three daughters and grandson. In closing, Commander Gonshak has a combined 15 years of SWAT experience with both the Tempe SWAT and West County SWAT Teams – where he has served in a number of capacities; including, Entry Team Member, Sniper, CNT, and now the West County SWAT Team Commander.

2016 Marcus Schumacher Domestic Incident
In February 2016, Fargo Police Department officers responded to a domestic disturbance incident during which shots had been fired. As patrol responded and began to set up a perimeter, suspect Marcus Schumacher fired rounds from inside his residence, killing Officer Jason Moszer while he was getting into his perimeter position. This debrief will discuss the patrol response, the murder of Officer Jason Moszer and the ensuing SWAT Team response and resolution. The presentation will include audio from phone calls with Schumacher, squad car video, radio traffic, and discussion of the tactics used to bring the incident to a conclusion.

Speaker 1: William Ahlfeldt
Lt. William Ahlfeldt has been with the Fargo Police Department since 2001, serving as a patrol officer, police training officer, personal and property crimes detective, narcotics detective, patrol sergeant and sergeant of the Office of Professional Standards. He instructed firearms for eight years, was a member of the police department’s PACT Team for 12 years, was part of the Police Training Officer Program for 11 years and has been a member of the Red River Valley SWAT team for 14 years. He was promoted to lieutenant in January 2015. Lt. Ahlfeldt is currently assigned to the patrol division as the District 4 Patrol Commander and oversees the department’s CTO, CIT and SWAT programs. He has been the commander of the Red River Valley SWAT Team since 2015. During his time with the team, he has been an entry operator and tactical team leader. He also instructs firearms and tactics training for the team.
Speaker 2: Matt Christensen
Sgt. Matt Christensen has been employed with the Fargo Police Department since December of 2002. During his time with the Police Department, he has worked as a patrol officer, a Training Officer, Narcotics Detective, DEA Task Force Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Crisis Intervention Team Officer and a Patrol Sergeant. Sgt. Christensen also is an EVOC and Firearms instructor for the department. In January of 2016 he was selected to become the Supervisor in charge of the Fargo Police Department Narcotics Unit which is the role he currently holds. In 2010 Sgt. Christensen was selected to join the Red River Valley SWAT Team. Sgt. Christensen was on the entry team for 4 ½ years as a breacher. In June of 2014, Sgt. Christensen was selected to move from the SWAT entry team to the Sniper Team to become the eventual Team Leader. In May of 2015 Sgt. Christensen took over the Team Leader duties for the Sniper Element within the Red River Valley SWAT Team and is currently the Sniper Team Leader. Sgt. Christensen also assists with instructing Firearms and Tactics for the team.

2016 Pulse Nightclub Attack–3 Years Later
The Pulse Nightclub Attack was a terror motivated shooting event that occurred at a nightclub in Orlando Florida on June 12th 2016 where 49 people were murdered. Presenters will provide a short tactical debrief outlining the SWAT response, followed by a discussion of lessons learned. Topics covered will include equipment and capability changes, along with a focus on team mental health and individual operator wellbeing in the months and years to follow.

Speaker 1: Charles “Cary” Holmes
Sergeant Charles “Cary Holmes has been a Police Officer with the Orlando Police Department for 13 years. Assignments as an Officer included Patrol Services, Patrol Tactical Anti-Crime Unit and Narcotics. After Promotion to Sergeant, Cary has supervised a Patrol squad, Downtown Bicycle Unit and is currently assigned as a Narcotics Section Supervisor in a multi-jurisdictional task force, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation. A member of the SWAT Team for 7 years, Cary has held the position of assaulter, scout and is currently a team leader and lead breacher.
Speaker 2: Jonathan Cute
Detective Jon Cute has been a Police Officer with the Orlando Police Department for over 18 years. Assignments as an Officer include Patrol Services, Drug Enforcement Division, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Drug Task Force, F.B.I Safe Streets Task Force, and the United Stated Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. Detective Cute is currently assigned to the Departments Intelligence Division. A member of the SWAT Team for 15 years, Jon has holds the position of assaulter, and is also the SWAT Teams Training Coordinator.

2014 Stockton Bank Robbery, Mobile Hostage
This presentation is a tactical debrief of the July 16, 2014 incident that began as an armed robbery of the Bank of the West at 7810 Thornton Road, Stockton California. The robbery escalated into a hostage situation, vehicle pursuit and officer involved shooting. One victim/hostage and two suspects were killed during the incident. The debrief includes video recordings and radio traffic of parts of the incident. Challenges encountered and lessons learned in areas including tactics, equipment, training, deployment, command and control and post incident response will be discussed.

Speaker: Ivan Rose
Captain Ivan Rose has worked at the Stockton Police Department twenty-four years. During that time, he has had the opportunity to work several assignments including SWAT. During his twenty years on the team he served as an operator, team leader and commander. He was performing in that capacity during the incident being debriefed.

2019 SEB Debrief

2018 “D” Platoon Debrief

2018 Travel Star Inn Hostage Rescue

2013 The Bunker Hostage Crisis–FBI

2012 Sniper Initiated Hostage Rescue

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