Course Descriptions

Course:                        Adaptive Decision Making as a Counter VUCA Tactic

Instructor:            Kevan Dugan

Course Description:  VUCA is an acronym used to identify the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in situations.  Because it is impossible to teach (or learn) every possible response, it is necessary to focus on identifying the essence of a problem and crafting an appropriate response and then adapting to the changing circumstances.  This course is a short introduction to the concept and remedies for dealing with confusing situations with harsh time constraints and potentially severe consequences.

Course Length:     1 hour

Prerequisites:       None

Recommended Reading:

Cost:                              FREE

Course:                Toxic Leadership

Instructor:      Randy Watt

Course Description:  This course describes a type of leadership which abuses subordinates and leaves an organization in worse condition than was originally found.  It describes the symptoms and effects of toxic leaders, as well as what can be done to avoid and remediate the effects of poor leadership.

Course Length:     1 hour

Prerequisites:       None

Recommended Reading:  None

Cost:                      FREE

Course:               Sound Doctrine

Instructor:      Charles “Sid” Heal, Tim Anderson, Richard “Odie” Odenthal

Course Description:  This course is an introduction to tactical science and the importance of making plans and decisions thoroughly grounded on scientific underpinnings.  It identifies the three most common types of crises encountered by law enforcement and describes the five characteristics common in all crises.  It explains the differences between command and control, how to envision and achieve a satisfactory end state, the most common principles involved, who to assign missions and issue orders, the gathering and analysis of intelligence, developing an effective plan and others.  The course is designed for those with no experience in either military or law enforcement operations and uses common competitive games, such as baseball, football, soccer, chess, and others as examples.  Students who complete this short course can be expected to gain substantial understanding of the factors and influences in play in all tactical operations.

Course Length:     3 hours

Prerequisites:       None

Required ReadingSound Doctrine:  A Tactical Primer

Cost:                      FREE

Course:               Deep Change and Positive Emotional Intelligence

Instructor:      Russ Reithmeyer

Course Description:  Can one person make a difference in a large organization?  In today’s turbulent times, we must either adapt to the changing circumstances or become irrelevant.  The change process must first begin within.  This course provides information on the challenges of becoming a leader in an organization entrenched in the past.  It is particularly relevant in today’s law enforcement because the instructor uses personal experiences from his dual careers in both military special operations and federal law enforcement.

Course Length:     2 hours

Prerequisites:       None

Recommended ReadingDeep Change:  Discovering the Leader Within

Cost:                      $40.00

Course:               Less Lethal Impact Munition Update

Instructor:      R.K. Miller

Course Description:   In 21st century law enforcement, the use of less lethal impact munitions as alternatives to other choices has become common.  Compared to lethal force, these tools are often a preferred conflict resolution option for handling mentally ill persons, violent subjects, rioters, knife wielding criminals or suspect trying to commit “suicide by cop”.  As with instructors in other use of force disciplines such as firearms, the role of the less lethal impact munitions instructor is twofold.  First, he or she must work to keep the Department’s personnel up to speed in their training.  Second, instructors should continuously seek to expand their own knowledge so that new information and concerns can be shared throughout their agency.  The Less Lethal Impact Munition Update course is designed to assist instructors in achieving this second important goal.

Course Length:     3 hours

Prerequisites:       It is suggested that the viewer have already completed a Less Lethal Instructor course from recognized presenters such as Combined Tactical, Def-Tec (Safariland), NTOA or National Training Concepts.

Recommended ReadingRisk Management of Less Lethal Options by R.T. Wyant & Thomas Burns

Cost:                      $30.00

Course:                Flash Bang Instructor Update/Recertification

Instructors:         Charles “Sid” Heal, Ken Hubbs, Steve Ijame , Eugene P. Ramirez

Course Description: This course is an instructor level recertification for current flash bang trainers. It provides continued education and in-depth information to expand the instructors’ knowledge and background to provide more effective instruction.

Course Length:  4 hours

Prerequisites:   Prior completion of Flash Bang Instructor Course

Required Reading:  Diversionary Devices Instructor Reference Manual (PDF copy provided at no additional cost).

Cost:                      50.00

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