In Loving Memory of Dan Burger


I first became acquainted with Dan Burger at our annual conference in 2013. I had just accepted the role of president and met with Dan to outline my plan on changing the focus of our magazine from a trade journal to a professional magazine. He and I talked for several hours on what it would take, especially in the editing role. He made numerous suggestions and was excited about the new direction. He was well aware that the burden would fall nearly entirely on his shoulders.

As the years passed, we collaborated on authors, articles, schedules, deadlines, subjects, and event themes and photographs. Even though not required, he attended our mid-year management and annual conference board meetings. In spite of the increased workload, he never complained. The many authors of the magazine articles will attest to his vigilance in reading every word and making suggestions for grammar, spelling or clarity.

Earlier this year I learned that Dan had been sick. Not from him though. He never mentioned not feeling well and I continued to get emails and phone calls as we coordinated the next issues of the magazine. It never occurred to me how seriously sick he was. Last week, I learned that he was in hospice but was still working on getting the magazine out. He not only remained firmly in charge but anticipated and planned for continuing publication after he was gone, including recommending his replacement. This issue is his last. On Monday, August 20th, Dan passed away from prostate cancer. It is fitting that this issue of CATO News is dedicated to Dan Burger, our managing editor extraordinaire. It is a fitting tribute for a man who exemplified everything that CATO stands for.

Sid Heal-President

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