Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious award presented by the California Association of Tactical Officers.  It is an occasional award, meaning that it is not given on any set schedule but rather only when an individual deserves to be recognized for achievements that encompass a lifetime of service and accomplishment.  This award is the only one not reviewed or approved by the CATO Awards Committee.  Recipients of this award must win unanimous approval of the CATO Board of Directors.  Likewise, the qualifications for this award cannot be attributed to a single act or incident and instead span a career, and often long after retirement.  The achievements of the individual must reflect the highest level of personal commitment, leadership and dedicated service to the California law enforcement tactical community.  To date, only nine individuals have been recognized with this award.  They are listed below:


RK Miller


Bill Lewis


Mike Hillmann


Ron McCarthy


John Pokorny


Charles “Sid” Heal


Bob Smitson


John Kolman


Ken Hubbs


Daryl Gates

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