February 24-28, 2020 – SWAT Commander Course

Location: San Diego, CA

Tuition: $708

40 Hour Course
POST Certified Plan IV: POST # 1885-23030-19003 CATO Tax ID # 33-0816655

This course will address the various duties and responsibilities associated with the assignment as a Tactical Team Commander. Topics will include Leadership, Liability, Public Perception. Issues, Specialty Munitions, History of Tactical Operations, Tactical Case Review, Training and Standards, and Policy and Procedures. This course focuses on tactical decision-making as well as the guidelines of Penal Code Section 13514.1 and the POST. Weapons and Tactical Equipment are not required for this course.

Students are required to bring a laptop computer which has the ability to connect to a projector. There are tactical exercises during the course which require PowerPoint and students need to have access to that software.

Students are required to bring a hard copy of their agency’s policies and procedures/guidelines for SWAT.

Any questions, please contact:

Phil Myers

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