Tactical Firarms Instructor Course

October 25-28, 2021

San Diego Regional Firearms Training Center

440 Alta Rd

San Diego, CA 92179

POST Control #: 1185-21640-21001

Tuition: $1,039

Any questions, please contact:

Doug McGeachy


This handgun and carbine course is designed for SWAT personnel (or other personnel) who are responsible for the firearms training for their SWAT Team (or other Tactical Team/Unit). The course includes safety protocols, lesson plan development, training documentation, decision making, course of fire development, running a range, lethal force options, and adult learning

Students of this course are required to qualify (both handgun& carbine)on the first day of class. The qualification course will be provided before the course begins, giving student time to practice the qualification course of fire. Failure to qualify will be cause for dismissal from the course.

TFIC is taught by current operational members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement (SEB) firearms instructor cadre. These instructors are responsible for all firearms training at SEB. CATO’S Firearms Instructor Course supports the recommendations under Section 10.2 of CA POST SWAT Guidelines and Penal Code section 13514.1(d).

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