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The purpose of TRAC is to provide SWAT team members and SWAT Medics with vertical access capabilities applicable to a full spectrum of environments (urban through mountain) and variable operational constraints. The course covers new equipment technology, rope access standards, descending, ascending, rescue, anchors and more. Throughout the course students will use the PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency) methodology. TRAC technique and equipment selection takes into account that many end users are not full time “rope-handlers”, where vertical access or rescue may not be their primary, secondary or even tertiary team function. For this reason, we deemphasize many “hallmarks” of traditional courses such as memorizing numerous and complicated knots. We prefer to teach various wraps and hitches due to their inherent ease to recall, execute and utilize under the innate stressors of high risk tactical operations.

Course Instructors:

Dana R Vilander – 32 years LASD, 25+ years at SEB working K9, SWAT, Air Rescue-SAR and SWAT Paramedic (18 years) 25+ years training both US and international- tactics, tactical medicine, rope access and rescue, helicopter operations

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