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The foundation for CATO’s training originates with fully qualified trainers who are knowledgeable, experienced, and truly expert. CATO’s goal is to promote tactical team excellence through training that emphasizes the mastery of skills and providing the relevance and basis for the instruction provided. These are critical objectives and differentiators that should be taken into account. Skills, knowledge and abilities are treated as training equals. That’s the CATO training advantage.

Encouraging training seems like a laudable goal, but it should immediately lead to questions of comparing quality with quantity and what is received in correlation to the investment made. CATO encourages training policies that make distinctions based on quality and effectiveness. That’s a CATO training priority.

Intellectual capabilities should be matched with physical assets. Managing intellect and converting it into sound decision making during high stress situations factors into all CATO training. Learning the necessary skills is critical, but no more so than leaning their adaptability for success. The importance of professional intellect is the value of CATO training.

Creativity and innovation are part of the training plan here. Professional knowledge delivered skillfully and reliably is the hallmark of CATO training.


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CATO Training Waiting List
The CATO training courses fill up very fast. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please send an email to:
Include the course name and dates. If openings become available or when the next course opens for registration, an email will be sent to all who are on waiting lists. Then it will be first come, first served.
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